Hafen Lesung No. 15

Hafen Lesung No. 15


Sheltering from the Summer rain and away from the cheering cries of a soccer tournament, a full-house with the heart of Hamburg’s intellectuality joined in Nachtasyl on 21.06.18 for Hafen Lesung’s 15th instalment. New literature was read by its authors in Arabic, Czech, Hebrew, Russian, German and English, plus fabulous music and catering. Heartfelt thanks to our wonderful audience, followers and supporters, who made possible yet another astounding success for Hafen Lesung, the only multilingual reading series of the Hansestadt. Our guests authors this time were: the renowned and prize-winning poet and editor Steffen Popp (DE), Jaromír Typlt (CZ), Melitta L. Roth (RUS-DE), Aref Hamza (SYR), Babet Mader (DE), Avi Bolotinsky & Ivana Sokola (ISR-DE). We are particularly happy to have also featured exciting live “translations into music” by pianist Daniel Gerzenberg (DE) and singer Marine Madelin (DE/FR) who improvised Kunst-Lieder based on poems read during the event.

Photography: Nico Scagliarini



July 23, 2018